Indoor and outdoor cooking and eating

Sophisticated functionality and maximum space utilisation

The cooking module allows independent and comfortable self-catering, no matter where and when. This allows you not only to prepare your meals outside and in good weather but also to cook, eat and do the dishes inside the T5.

Fold the table down, start the cooker and practise your cooking skills. After the meal simply place the dish washing box on the table and connect it.

The cooking module consists of four Euro boxes 40x30 cm and fits under the middle and rear seats of the Kombi and Caravelle. There you can store everything that is needed for cooking and dish washing. All connections including the submersible pump are clicked-in outside. Therefore the dish washing box can be put on the table and the tanks can be kept under the seat. Or you add the four Euro boxes together to form a block that fits next to the average 2-person bench or on the small additional table. Alternatively the four Euro boxes can be joined together to form a block that fits next to the two-seat-bench in the middle or on the little additional table. No matter what the weather or the location is like, with this cooking module you are flexible and independent.

The cooking module contains:

  • four Euro boxes 40 x 30 cm (for sink with pump, waste water tank, water container, kitchen utensils)
  • one Euro box with stainless steel sink, E-driving force, rechargeable battery, intake and drain with submersible pump
  • one Euro box as fresh water container 16 litre with quick coupling connection
  • one Euro box as a waste water tank 16 litre with Gardena connection and 3/4 inch drain outlet
  • one Euro box for all kitchen utensils
  • all intake and drain hoses with submersible pump and quick closure couplings
  • optional Euro box with 12 volts hot water boiler 3 litre with mixing valve
  • optional 12 volts heater for water container. Heats the water up to 38°
  • optional cartridge cooker with safety pilot

Data sheet describing the mounting of the cooking modul (PDF)