Flexible installation module

The new Skippy camping module for T5/T6 the VW bus represents an enormous increase in flexibility and possibilities, especially for the series Kombi and Caravelle.

Skippy creates opportunities in everydays life, work and leisure, which is an unique concept.

On the market only Skippy offers such utilisation of the car's interior.

By turning the seats up to 6 persons can sit around a table. With our kitchen module it can also be used  for cooking and dish washing.

By utilising Euro boxes our system allows for baggage optimisation for really long holiday trips.

The flexible installation module offers with no further conversion:

  • transport possibilities for up to 9 people
  • seating accomodation at the table for up to 6 people  
  • possibility to cook and wash dishes inside
  • enough space for further luggage
  • a comfortable King-size bed (150 x 200cm)

Skippy can even make working life easier. Simply exchange the 4 Euro boxes for RTD boxes, aluminium boxes or artisan-systainer and the module can be used as a business or organisation system for the whole family.

We are developing our module for other vehicle manufacturers. Please contact us!




The basic module with sleep function

Storage space, bench, table and bed in one car

This includes everything that you really need when you are travelling by bus independently and spontaneously including a well equipped module for life on tour.

The Skippy basic module offers XXL-storage space, a wide seat, a table for the car's interior plus comfortable sleeping accommodation for 2 people in a king-size format. At the back of the middle seat a plate is fixed. By folding the back rest it can be used as a table. An additional table extension provides even more space and also serves as a sleeping pad.

By folding out of the front module access to the boxes is possible. The open flap can be used as a storage or it can be transformed into a stable bench by two height-adjustable aluminum profiles. The legs are attached to the brackets of the front flap.

Comfortable sleeping accommodation in king size

Folding down the rear seats and the pad on the module provides a comfortable sleeping place of 1.60m x 2m without major reconstruction in short time. A space-saving, comfortable 10 cm air filled mattress or a fourfold cold foam mattress can be applied.

The Basic Modul includes:

  • a fixed table top for the front seat area
  • an additional tabletop/sleeping pad with a supporting leg
  • fold-out bench for 2 persons/storage
  • four Skippy plywood boxes or four plastic Euro boxes
  • compartment designed individually to be used according to specification, with heavy duty extension
  • foam wedge to furnish an even sleeping area
  • execution of the body: birch multiplex, coated with phenolic resin
  • legs: Aluminium
  • fourfold cold foam mattress or mattress system Cubitura

Skippy Basic Module for VW T5/T6

Spontaneous Video taken on Caravan Salon 2015